Dry Eyes Treatment

Treatment for dry eye depends on what’s causing the symptoms. Fortunately, there are a few different types of treatment that can ease your symptoms and keep your eyes healthy.

Replace Your Tears

  • Over the Counter Lubricating/Artificial Tear Drops
  • Substitute for the under-production of tear by your eyes.
  • Common brands include: 
    • Refresh
    • Genteal
    • Systane

Save tears

Punctal Plugs

  • Temporary or Permanent Plugs block the tear ducts. The tear ducts drain tears from your eye. By blocking the tear ducts, drainage of tears from eyes is slowed, keeping the eye moister.

Increase tear production

Prescription Eye to help your eye produce more tears.

  • RESTASIS or CEQUA (Cyclosporine)
  • XIIDRA (Lifitegrast)
  • Steroids – Typically used for short-term relief of Irritation and Inflammation